Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Life throws curve balls like Tim Lincecum!

After a few sunny days home in Northern California, I’m back on the road again and just left one of my very favorite cities—Wichita, KS!  Jeff and I headed to Kansas City today, and you can bet we've hit a few Sonics while we've been out here!  Looking forward to our class tomorrow with Barb Novelli and Paul Agranoff-- we're trying out a new class about loving teaching math.  It's always fun to try out a new class with a new group of people!

Last Tuesday night, after a long flight home, I had a little accident—I tripped over a gas hose out on the runway in McKinleyville and fell and broke my nose.  We had to go to the hospital and get seven stitches, but I’m doing ok now and just wanted to give you a head’s up if you see me while I still have my stitches in!  Life throws you curveballs sometimes!

It's kind of amazing to see where the summer is going to take us-- after Kansas, we'll be home for a little bit for a fun week with our KSAs (who you can read more about here) which is always fun, and I'll definitely be posting pictures!  Looking forward to getting to see you all soon!

Mathematically yours,

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  1. Hi Kim - Your presentations at CAMT San Antonio were wonderful. I failed to write down the name of the song you played at the end of your last presentation. Would you share the title? Thanks in advance:)



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