Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome Back!

Here we go, one more time and everybody’s feeling fine!  New year, new students new challenges!  Here’s hoping that summer gave you rest and relaxation to recharge your battery.  My summer workshops are drawing to a close but it has been a great summer.  I have enjoyed the challenges that summer brings for me…… lots of different kinds of presentations and great teachers who make it all worthwhile.
So happy to welcome my first group of Kim Sutton Associates!  Wonderful folks who will bring their own special magic to my presentations in places that I can’t get to.  Had the realization that time is passing quickly and there are so many places to go and we can’t get there without help!  They came to California for a week of training in June and it was amazing.  Last year we started with two special folks, Patti Launi and Cheryl Henjum.  What powerful presenters they are!  If you have been lucky enough to have heard them, you know what I mean.
Are you starting the year with the class number line?  I certainly hope so.  Check out the research about number lines under the Free PDFs and Conference Files.  The last three years have brought so many powerful experiences in classroom using this tool and then going into empty number lines for elapsed time, making change, rounding readiness, multiples, fractions and decimals.
Mathematically yours!

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