Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blessings to Count! What a Great Math Activitiy!

At Hyde Park with the Roosevelts!
Happy Thanksgiving!  Counting blessings right now! Today we had a real rainstorm!  The trees are soaking it up!  Our daughter, Halley is home from graduate school for a break!  So happy to have her home!  

What a great trip Jeff and I just finished.  Started with a great day in Albany, New York on Friday the 13th.  Super fun group of teachers spending the day exploring math fact fluency.  

Jeff and I are on a mission to accomplish visits to all the Presidential homes and libraries.  On this trip we were able to visit FDR’s home and library in Hyde Park, New York.  Loved it and learned so many details about his four terms.  What a first lady Eleanor Roosevelt was!  Also visited the Vanderbilt mansion in Hyde Park.

The next day we took a city tour of Salem, Massachusetts.  What a darling town with an amazing history!  At one time, Salem was the third richest city in U.S.  We then visited the JFK library!  The view is so beautiful.  Disappointed that the Cuban missile exhibit was closed.  Still need to learn more about that time that was my childhood.

Math Fact Fluency class in Hartford!
Monday was the Math Fact Fluency class in Boston and Tuesday in Hartford.  Loved both groups.  I have really missed being in both those cities.  Used to spend more time there and it has been hard to get them in!  Loved the professionalism that I see with the teachers!  So wanting to do right by children.

The last part of the trip was the NCTM Regional in Nashville, Tennessee.  Wow!  What a conference!  It was so fun!  Got to spend an evening with Erin who is a friend of our daughter.  She is a Acquisitions Editor for Corwin Publications.  Had such fun connecting with Catherine Beals who started as a teacher in our area and now lives and works in Boise area in Idaho.  She delivered her research from her dissertation.  It was such a helpful session!  I had so much fun with both my groups!!!

Well, time to think about what we are having for Thanksgiving!  Love being home…….

Happy holiday!


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