Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Charmed Life!

June  8, 2016

I am saying the mantra, “Patience is a virtue, a virtue is a grace.  You add them altogether and you get a happy face.”  Just trying to get home….

Trip started last week on Memorial Day.  Flew to LAX and our daughter, Halley, picked me up.  We set up for a fun workshop in Burbank with the staffs of two schools.  Shout out to Liz and Sandra and their wonderful teachers!  Great day on number sense.  Halley and I then flew to Nashville on Wednesday.  Just love Tennessee.  Two-day class in Franklin!  Those teachers rock!  We sang, we danced and we did intensive math content.  My friend Sherry was our point guard!  The workshop ran so well because of her. 

Halley and I were able Friday night to go on a fun field trip!  The author, Ann Patchett, has the most amazing bookstore ever called Parnassus!  She has made a roaring success of this venture.   (Just finished her book, Truth and Beauty!  Started her book The Magician’s Assistant.)  I have been reading on my iPad and realized during this field trip how limiting my choice of books has been.  Done with that.  One of the most amazing booksellers, River showed me all around pointing out amazing reads.  I have been limiting myself on the iPad to authors I know.  Halley and I left with our arms full and our hearts happy!  We met one of the bookstore dogs… it!  If you ever are in Nashville, this bookstore is a must!  I jumped into a recommended read called A Hero of France by Alan Furst!  A reader comes alive just holding these amazing books……

Halley and I then drove from Nashville to Springfield, Missouri on Saturday and then on to Wichita on Sunday.  Drove many back roads through lots of corn patches…. set up with my friends Lynette Sharlow, who hosted the workshop for District 259 and Rhonda Shook.  I have known Rhonda since my days with Project AIMS and Math Festival at Fresno Pacific College.  Love them both!

Finished an amazing two days in Wichita for the Roadmap class.  Great teachers!  Halley and I got to airport only to find delay, delay, delay.  When flight took off out of Wichita for Denver, pilot announced a door was open and we would return to Wichita.  Had to circle for hour……then delay back to Denver…..Halley and I both missed all connections.  Everyone has a story and the stories are never that interesting.  Mine isn’t either.  Needless to say, it is a day later and still trying to get home.  Guess I am not in Kansas anymore…..but there is still “no place like home!”  I need my bed……

Mathematically yours,


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