Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016

Ok 2016!  Here we go, ready or not!  January is such a good month to start fresh with high expectations!  Why not kick Kim’s Number Line into action with a three-minute “Number Line Chat” three times a week!  Use the questions I wrote that are posted in the Free PDFs and Conference Files section (  Those questions will make your life easy to have a intensive and meaningful conversation with your class about number sense!

Here I am in Franklin, Tennessee ready for two workshops tomorrow!  One for K-4 and one for 5-8.  I love the topic-“Classroom Management of a Balanced Mathematics Program.”  This topic is something I think about every day.  How can we maximize the time we have for mathematics and not waste a moment while including reinforcement of skills, drill and practice, teaching of content and small groups for a RTI model.  Watch for some future blogs taking apart this model of balance!

Excited to be previewing my new class locally (Fun with Fractions!) in February and then on the road in March!!!  I have taken the theme of proportional reasoning that accommodates all the standards of fractions starting in first grade and going through fifth grade!  Lots of new tools and games coming.

Holidays were so great with our daughter, Halley, home for almost two weeks!  Our world was right!  Finally had a month of much-needed rain!  Christmas was sweet!

Mathematically yours,


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