Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 + New additions to Creative Math

Well hello everyone!  Happy (belated) 2013!

I meant to have something about this up earlier, but as you can clearly see, our blog has been updated!  We've gotten a bit of a facelift from Lindsay over at Sour Apple Design-- didn't she do a great job?  We've also started using a different platform-- so now you'll be able to follow us and get real-time updates to this blog.

Speaking of, we have a new way we're going to do things around here!  One of our New Years' resolutions-- post to the blog more frequently!  (Clearly, we're off to a great start.)  We'll have new posts every week-- about what's new at Creative Math, where Kim's at, math news and stories and things we're excited to share with you.  We also hope you'll take the time to add comments if you have questions or if there are things you want to know more about!

You might have already noticed this, but we are now available on Teachers Pay Teachers.  We don't have too many products loaded up yet, but we'll be adding more all the time.  In honor of our San Francisco 49ers, we'll be running a SUPER Sunday sale tomorrow here, with 15% off select merchandise-- but the sale ends on Monday!  (Maybe earlier if the other Harbaugh wins-- just kidding, Ravens fans!)

One product we just added to Teachers Pay Teachers is Kim's Valentine's Choices activity.  This product has been available for some time on our website, but we gave it a bit of a makeover-- added some new color graphics and touched up a few of the worksheets.  It's a great seasonal math center, to be used daily to help with mathematically motivating children.  I cringe when I hear adults say that they never liked math growing up-- everyone has the capacity to love math, and Kim's centers help make it easier!  Who wouldn't enjoy math with conversation hearts?  This unit covers fractions, algebraic functions and patterns, among other things.  Check it out!  Here's the cover image below.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend-- enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow, if you're watching, or the Puppy Bowl if that's your cup of tea.  Kim will be visiting beautiful British Columbia next week-- if you'd like more information on these workshops, or any upcoming Creative Math workshops and presenters, please visit our page here.

Go Niners!


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