Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer is here!

Just finished the third week of summer travel!  Started in Stillwater and Moore, Oklahoma.  Then on to Burbank, California.  Just finished Sublette and Wichita, Kansas!  Every workshop has been filled with happy, wonderful teachers giving up their precious summer days for staff development!  How blessed to spend time with such dedicated professionals!

Wrapping up my new book called Bump It!  The book is filled with Bump It games for every skill in mathematics.   I am so excited because children just love these games!  So many exciting things happen when you play the games!  Children become highly motivated to play which then improves their fluency with the skill!  Look for the book in time for the new school year in August!  If you have not played Bump It with your students, you will be blown away!  If you have attended my games class taught by me or one of my amazing Kim Sutton Associates then you have met this motivating game!

What summer plans do you have?  Hope that there is lots of rest and relaxation.  Make sure you set aside a half hour to make a class concentration board for the new year!  Concentration is another powerful class activity because it works on working memory, coordinate graphing on a Cartesian Plan and whatever skill you put on the cards!

These concentration boards can be purchased at Creative Mathematics CLICK HERE!


Mathematically yours,

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