Friday, February 2, 2018

How to Get Valentine Choices

Yikes, I was just too excited to explain how to get "freebie."  Go to my website, and to the Online Store.  Put the Valentine Choices into your shopping cart.  The code is valentine!  It is free!

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  1. Hi Kim!
    I was trying to figure out what would be the easiest place to contact you. My name is Meghan and I was your biggest fan after seeing you present last weekend (I am sure everyone says that) at the GSDMC conference in San Marcos. I had stopped you on your way out to ask about how you presented your games/activities over the course of the year, whether it be strategic or just random. You had mentioned that there was a thoughtful progression and that you might be able to point me towards one of your resources if I contacted you.
    I would LOVE to hear more about that, if/when you have time. My email is
    I was soooo encouraged by all that you shared last week. Your enthusiasm and passion is just contagious. Thank you so much!



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